February 5

The Bigger Picture!

There is often so much focus on wanting to see results fast when it comes to our health and fitness. So let’s take some time to step back, and take a look at the bigger picture… 🖼

It is a common perception that – in order to lose weight – you simply need to eat less and move more.

Scientifically that is absolutely the case on paper, but in reality, is it really as simple as that? 🤔

Most people are looking for that one golden strategy, diet or fix to sort them out in achieving and maintaining their goals for the rest of their lives. The reality is, however, that this literally doesn’t exist in the real world ❌ (despite what Instagram ‘influencers’ might lead you to believe!)

In order to find the best strategy, we need to take a look at all areas of our lives and our daily, weekly and monthly habits to determine how they all work together simultaneously: not just one area like fitness, or only focusing on nutrition. 

💭 Think about your commitments? 

💭 Your personal preferences around food? 

💭 Your fitness levels? 

💭 Your family/friends/support network? 

💭 What facilities you have available to you in your area? 

💭 Your ability to plan your week out in fitness, nutrition and daily movement in general?

💭 Your psychological status at present?

There are lots of things we need to aim to have working together – you could have the best, most personally tailored nutrition strategy in the world but, if you lack the ability to take action consistently from a psychological perspective, then you’re not likely to progress.  You could have the best personal trainer money can buy, but without having your nutrition on point? Again, you’re not likely to progress. 

A bit like an architect building a house 🏡  There are plans, bricks, electrics, plumbing, lighting, flooring plus numerous other things to think about throughout the whole process to get a great end product. 

To try to establish where you currently are in your quest to having a supportive ‘bigger picture’, try to rate yourself out to 10 on the following areas: 

📊 Nutrition – Do you plan, prepare and eat the meals you intend to for yourself? Are you aware of the calories you need to intake to reach your goals? What are your portion sizes like?

📊 Mindset – What is your inner monologue like? Do you easily talk yourself out of making healthy choices? What are your thoughts towards why you want to live a healthy lifestyle?

📊 Daily movement in general – Consider if you have a static (desk type) job or a more active? How much NEAT ( Non-exercise activity thermogenesis) movement are you achieving each day? Do you have dogs to walk?

📊 Consistency factor (Do you give up 3 days into any strategy for example?) – Be honest with yourself here. Are you consistent with the choice you make for yourself? Do you self-sabotage?

By considering these above points, you will immediately know the areas you need to pay the most attention to and begin to appreciate what needs to happen to get the best results long term, and how to tweak your weeks going forward. 

We really hope that this simple strategy will help you to begin a brand new journey – with much better insight – into what a successful long-term approach looks like! If you need any help with nutrition or fitness plans, get in touch! We’d love to help you. 

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