“Elite quite literally saved my life!”

I’m Gary, 53 years young and loving life! Go back 1 year, and I was in a very different place. I had just lost my younger cousin to Cancer, I was in a dark place with severe mental health issues, even thinking about ending it all…

They say you have to hit rock bottom sometimes before you pick yourself up and my cousin Darryl would have had some serious words with me. I wanted to do something to make him proud, as well as doing something for ME.

I decided to join Elite, if you make the promise to yourself, they will make the same commitment to you, their knowledge, expertise and your effort will get you the results you want. It’s as simple as that!

The joining process was easy, everyone is welcoming and friendly. There is a wide range of people of all fitness levels and ages, with different stories and motivations. Everyone has a laugh, you go at your own pace it’s just like one big family, no one person is better than the other.

Since January, my mental health and fitness levels are on another scale, I’m even down a couple of stone which is massively down to Elite and the promises they made to me.

I can’t thank you guys enough!


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