May 7

Seven Stone Done for Mum of 4 Anne-Marie!

46-year-old and Mum of 4, Anne-Marie from Stockton embarked on her elite: Transform journey in June 2018 and since then has lost a life-changing 7 stone!

Here is what Anne-Marie had to say about her elite: Stockton journey!

At first, I just wanted 2 stone off, I didn’t see myself as ‘that big’… But ideally to lose anything up to 7-8 stone as the scales said otherwise.

I started elite: Transform because I wanted to lose weight. I felt I had tried everything else. I failed at everything and I couldn’t shift the weight. My daughter told me about elite: Stockton as she had someone on Facebook who had done it. She told me about it, and I thought it would be impossible to do.

Exercise classes following a diet. I imagined it like a strict boot camp being shouted at. Like an army camp. How wrong I was. I didn’t fancy it. But I felt I was an embarrassment to my family especially my daughter because I had gained so much weight, and she kept on mentioning elite and to try it. I felt I would be letting her down if I didn’t do it. I wanted to make her proud of me.

So, I went along and got the information on it. I gained weight after getting into a new relationship, just becoming too comfortable and enjoying too many beers and fast food. My daughter is getting married in August 2019 and I want to look my best as I started to hate my picture being taken as I was too big.
I joined elite and my first session I was scared. Walking through the doors. Not knowing anyone. I stood next to 2 other girls who were equally afraid. Then our warm-up started.

I couldn’t bend to get on the floor to do a burpee. I cried. I vowed I would never eat junk food again. I got through the first session with tears coming down my face, feeling ashamed and disgusted at myself. Admittedly I walked out thinking no way am I coming back. But we chatted in our group message and there were other people equally afraid and scared. I went back for the 2nd session and it became easier.

My favourite thing I think was making friends and the sessions became easier and I then looked forward to going to each session. Every session was different. Using different equipment boxing etc.

I thought I was active before elite: but I wasn’t if I’m honest. I would mop the floors and I would sweat terribly; my back would hurt, and I would give up. I was overweight and unfit. I got out of breath very easily just doing light chores or walking around.

My biggest motivation was getting up on the morning enjoying a session to start my day off, losing weight so I can enjoy life more, hearing the praise and good comments off people kept me going.

To be honest I stuck with the old plan. After doing the old plan for 3 transforms. When I switched to the new plan, I found it was too much food. I can see it’s easier for families to eat together, but myself and my partner eat different anyway and I do shift work, so the old plan is easier to prepare for work. I have never got bored with the food.

I am taking a refund after doing 5 transforms. I’m having a few health issues at present. I’m giving myself a break. I am continuing to exercise as I have made my little bedroom into a gym at home and I’m currently treating myself to a treadmill to keep up the good work and I’m eating healthier now.


I would definitely recommend elite: Transform, I have had a few friends joining who have achieved their own goals. I have motivated people; I have people call me an “inspiration” and I have had people say they have shown my pictures to their friends of my success. I find this overwhelming as I didn’t think anyone would take any notice and no one would care what I put on Facebook! How wrong I was. My story and success have spread.

I have had people ask me what transform is like. I have said honestly, the work you will put into it is hard as you have to motivate yourself, but then something clicks into place.

The classes become enjoyable which makes it easier. And I have made lifelong friends! If I ever feel the need to come back, I would do this again in a heartbeat. This is by far the best thing I have ever done as much as I have lost weight, I have lost inches too. I have not noticed the difference as quick on any other diet that I have done as I have on this one.

Thank you elite: Stockton!”If you’d like to get involved and start your elite: Journey, contact the team on or call on 0191 500 8978


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