February 5

How to Save Calories Each Week

We all know that we need to reduce our calorific intake in order to lose weight, but sometimes that is easier said than done! As a result, I’ve put together some super simple swaps and tips to assist you with saving loads of calories without massive stress or confusion!

There are of course many things you can swap out which aren’t on the list, so have a think about your current intakes.

Think about the things you consume regularly, as these are likely to be the biggest areas you can create an impact ☄

Lastly, I want you to know that not every tweak you make with your nutrition has to be completely removing things – it can actually be having the SAME AMOUNT of something else, so you feel like you’re actually not removing anything.

So here they are, my top tips for reducing calories daily and weekly…

  • Swap pizza bases for tortilla wraps 
  • Swap spaghetti for spiralized veg, such as courgetti (courgette spaghetti) or boodles (butternut squash noodles)
  • Swap rice for cauliflower rice. If using rice, increase the veg you have with it, such as peas for example, which will reduce the rice intake on your plate.
  • Grate more vegetables into your dishes. For example, grated carrot in chillis or lasagne.
  • Swap dairy milk for coconut water in smoothies. 
  • Opt for a black coffee instead of creamy/ syrup flavoured coffees. 
  • If you are going to consume alcohol, swap high-calorie density drinks like larger and cider for low-calorie drinks like clear spirits with a diet/calorie-free mixer.
  • When eating out, try and get your plate to consist of 50% Veg, at least 25% protein, and then the rest from carbohydrates & fats.
    For example: salad, grilled vegetables, steak and some thick cut chips on the side. 
  • Swap as many sugary drinks as possible for water, fizzy water and low cal juice or diet drinks.
  • Eat from smaller plates. This can sound ridiculous, but there is research which suggests that psychologically this can help us reduce the total amount of food we consume. 
  • Plan your food in advance. If you decide today what you’re going to eat tomorrow, it will be based on your goals. If you wait until the moment before you eat to make your food decisions, you’re likely to be hungry and have a rumbling stomach which will more than likely produce a different outcome.
  • Count your Calories – Don’t drive yourself insane doing this, but MyFitnessPal and healthyeater.com are great tools to use and have handy!


This site will help you understand how many calories per day you should be eating based on your height, weight, age and activity level. It will also ask your goal, then will automatically work out your calorie count for you!

– Select your gender

– Add your weight

– Add your height

– Add your age

– Click activity level 

– If you’re looking to lose weight, you want to be in a ‘Calorie Deficit’ therefore, click ‘Lose’

– Click ‘Calculate’

If you are unsure on your activity level:

Activity level Your Daily Step Count
SedentaryLess than 6,000 steps
LightBetween 6001 – 9000 steps
ModerateBetween 9001-12,000 steps
Extreme12,001+ steps


MyFitnessPal will help you work towards the calorie count you’ve been told to follow, you can simply scan the barcode on your food and input the serving size and off you pop, the calories will add up themselves! It’s a great way to track and an even better way to look back on your good days so you can fall into good habits.

And there you have it! My top calorie swapping hacks just for you! Even staying consistent with ONE of these strategies could help you out MASSIVELY over time as the months go by in shaving off some calories without any real compromise!

Just think how much impact swapping that 1 can of coke will have over the year for example?! (HINT: It’s well over 50,000 calories of sugar over the year!!!)

If you need any nutritional advice at all, the elite: Together Team would love to help you! Pop them an email on info@elitetogether.com and we will get you booked in!


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