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Elite: Fusion brought a new way of life to 29-year-old Rebecca Woodhead!

Since joining our renowned elite: fusion programme in August 2017, Rebecca has lost and maintained an amazing 15lbs. The elite: fusion programme has helped her in more way than one and Rebecca is so proud of her new lifestyle. 

Joining elite: Fusion in Aug 2017 when Rebecca had just moved to a new house, Rebecca was on the hunt for a new gym in the area as she always enjoyed exercise.

Rebecca saw one of our many adverts on Facebook and thought she’d come along to see what all the fuss was about!

On that night back in 2017, Rebecca was told about our Fusion programme and was keen to sign up straight away. Our Fusion programme is very flexible and can fit around Rebecca’s busy lifestyle. “it was the best decision I’ve ever made” says Rebecca.

The sessions are hard, but always fun, and varied. No 2 sessions are the same. I love getting up and starting the day with Elite. It starts my day the right way, I eat better, sleep better and feel so much better in myself, I am much happier and healthier. I can really tell the difference on days I don’t go. I love the people; we have become a family. It’s what makes elite: elite.

My favourite thing about elite: has got to be the people and the workouts. I feel so much better when I have completed a session (this is what I think about before I get out of bed pre-session) I feel productive in the early mornings, it really is the best way to start the day. 

The trainers know you by name and take time to get to know you, I think this is important and not many other gyms do this. Everyone feels empowered to work out no matter what your fitness level and you feel supported by the trainers and other members.

I was active before elite: but the results I’ve got from elite: Fusion have been better than previous gyms, not just on the scale but off the scales too.

I am the most motivated by the feeling you get after finishing a session, that’s the motivation to get out of bed at 5.40am!

The meal plans are great, there is so much variety yet so simple to follow and to make, you can really get creative and experiment with it!

If I were to describe elite: in a few words, I would say… FUN WORKOUTS AND AMAZING PEOPLE.

I would recommend elite: to anyone, whether it’s for Transform, Fusion or Plus. Their programmes/challenges are second-to-none and the results we all get prove just that!”

If you would like to follow in Rebecca’s footsteps to a healthier, happier lifestyle, get involved in our next intake by calling us on 0113 322 9644 or emailing


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