May 15

30-year-old Si Crouth from elite: Cramlington is shred for life with impressive 10 stone weight-loss!

Having a target of 150lbs loss (11 stone) seemed like the most impossible goal for 29 stone Cramlington member Si! Since joining elite: in November 2017, Si has lost an amazing 10 stone… and counting!

Having a school friend who had lost an amazing amount of weight through elite, it took not much persuading to get Si signed up! “I thought my work schedule would interfere too much, then my friend announced he was getting married, and I wanted to get into better shape for his big day which was set for July 20th 2019, as well as this, I wanted everything else that came with Transform, the stuff that becomes second nature, falling into better eating habits, becoming to a fitness-lover and a change in your mindset overall on being healthier.”

Here is what Si had to say about elite: Transform: 

“elite: Transform, personally, it’s the complete package for me, you get your “diet” plan, your classes, your trainers, a group of like-minded people that are all there for the same reason; to lose weight, get fitter and have a new perspective on fitness and cleaner eating.

All for a crazy cheap price which you’d be hard-pressed to find something like that for as little as a single payment of £228 if you’re hitting the 20lbs every time.

I’ve also met some amazing people along the way, I always love starting a new 6 weeks, to see the new faces, give some advice if they ask and see them smash their target! and the old faces too.

It’s not always been “easy” to hit the target, sometimes life got in the way, 1 bad day became 2 bad days which became a bad week but I kept going to classes during those times and keeping my fitness up so I was still fitter and stronger ready for the next transform to start.

It might be a 6-week challenged with a target weight loss, but I’ve come to realise personally it’s not always about the number on the scales, that might have gone up, but that doesn’t mean my fitness has gone down because of it.

My favourite thing about Transform… it’s the people, they’re amazing, the trainers are so supportive. They will always push you on to keep you going so you can maximise your potential, and exceed it, if they see you’re making something look easy, they’ll get you to go harder, or heavier.

The variety of the classes has certainly come a long way since I signed up in November 2017, every class is different and focuses on a different style of fitness or a different muscle set, so you really do get a full work out and understanding of how you can exercise every part of your body effectively.

Prior to starting elite: Transform, I wasn’t as active as I used to be, I work in a call centre, so I’m sitting down for 12 hour per day when I’m on shift, with the odd bit of walking during break times, which I even do more of that now on breaks, before starting this job, I worked in a retail store, a lot more active stacking shelves, working the warehouse, I also played 5-a-side once a week at that time.

My biggest motivation to keep me going is the results I see, as well as the people who know me and have done for several years commenting on my progress and how well I’m doing, and the willpower it must take to do something so life-changing. Being able to go to a “regular” shop and look at clothes without having to worry if they do a big enough size.

The new meal plan is amazing compared to the old one, though, not going to lie, I don’t eat everything on it, I have a handful of meals I really like that I rotate it and mix it up, yet still get the same great results every time. I must say… the Chicken with Prawns with Veg is definitely my favourite.

My plans at the moment are to continue rolling over until I’m happy with my total weight and then reinvest into the elite: Fusion programme and continue my fitness there.

If I had to describe elite: in 3 words, I would say…


I would 100% recommend elite: Transform, though I’ve not really had to try hard, I’m a walking advert, people see my weight loss and ask how I’m doing it!”If you would like to follow in Si’s footsteps, get involved in our next intake by calling us on 01670 335 945 or emailing


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