February 4

29-Year-Old Amy Hau has lost and maintained an amazing weight-loss!

Elite: Leeds member Amy Hau is looking to lose a further 10lbs on top of her already amazing 16.6lbs weight-loss!

Starting her Transformation journey in May 2017, Amy lost 16.6lbs, since then Amy has maintained the weight loss and gained more muscle to lift heavier weights – an amazing Non-Scale Victory! 

I always loved sports when I was younger but as the years passed my love for food became an issue which meant it impacted my weight and confident issues, so I joined transform as a kick start to my weight loss and get the confidence back!

I originally saw an advert via Facebook and emailed to go on an open day but then I chickened out! A couple of weeks went by and I messaged again and actually went because I was sick and tired of feeling awful and miserable about my weight.

The transform diet is a challenge I’m not going to sit here and lie but it’s a kick start to a lifestyle change, I found the first two weeks the hardest out the 6 weeks but as your body starts to adapt to what you are eating it becomes easier! If it was easy everyone would do it right! 

My favourite thing about elite is that it’s personal, the trainers know your name they know what weights you should be lifting, they push you to correct your form and keep you going when they know you have more in you! Alongside that, I’ve made the biggest group of friends who I know refer as my elite family and we keep each other motivated! 

I was active before I joined elite:, I have always been interested in sports, mainly netball and dancing when I was younger then joining chain gyms when I was in my 20s, elite: has really pushed me and my fitness levels are crazy now!

Having a goal motivates me the most, this means I’ll stick to a meal plan and I know I have a deadline to hit and I know I’ll be disappointed if I don’t hit it.

I love the new meal plan, it’s different to the one I did before, the one I had was quite repetitive and it was quite easy to fall off the wagon, the new meal plan is in line with the trends in the health and fitness industry. It’s also sustainable and easy to follow after the challenge is complete.

When I was completing transform, by the third week I had already decided whether I got my 20lbs or not I was going to carry on my membership and even though some people may frown upon the price that I pay compare to other gyms I would never find the same personal, family vibe from any other gym because I’ve been there and done it! 

I would 100% recommend elite: to anyone looking to lose weight, gain muscle or even maintain their weight! It really is for everyone.

If I was to describe elite: Transform in 3 words, I would say… FUN, CHALLENGING & MOTIVATING.“If you would like to follow in Amy’s footsteps to a healthier, happier lifestyle, get involved in our next intake by calling us on 0113 322 9633 or emailing leeds@elitetogether.com


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