March 10

The elite: Transform Refer a Friend Scheme

Are your friends and family jealous of the ‘NEW YOU’ and they now want to join our famous FULLY-REFUNDABLE 6-week Transform Challenge? Refer them now and BOTH receive £10!

Am I eligible to refer a friend?

Yes! Anyone who refers a NEW member onto our elite: Transform 6-week challenge is eligible for the £10 reward. Simply fill in the form at your local elite and let’s get cracking! 

Is my friend eligible for the reward?

Yes – you can refer anyone who hasn’t been a member before! Anyone you refer must be a totally NEW member to elite. Both of you will receive £10 on your elite: Membership Account! 

How can I claim my reward?

Simply fill in the form at your local elite and let’s get cracking!

When do I get my reward?

All referral rewards are added onto your elite: Membership Account at the beginning of Transform week 3.  

How can my friend claim the reward?

Join the elite: Transform based on your referral! It’s as easy as 1, 2, 3!  

Can I use the reward as a discount for a future booking?

Yes, the £10 reward can be used on any of the following:

  • elite: Fusion
  • elite: Fusion Unlimited
  • elite: Plus
  • elite: Protein & Supplements
  • elite: Clothing

The reward cannot be used on towards any future Transform challenges or used against your current Transform balance. 

What happens if my friend cancels their booking?

If your friend cancels the booking neither you nor your friend will receive the reward. However, if your friend defers their start date, the payments will be made on the 3rd week of the new Transform.

How will my friend and I receive the reward payment?

All rewards are added onto your elite: Membership Account and cannot be exchanged for cash value. Rewards are to be used as a credit against another membership or product. *excludes Transform. 

How many people can I refer to elite: Transform?

You can refer as many people as you like. The more people you refer to Transform, the more rewards you get!

Is there a time limit on the referral rewards?

No, as soon as your friend joins Transform your referral will be actioned. Just always bear in mind, the payment will not be added to your account until week 3 of their Transform challenge.


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