May 11

Debunking the Quick-fix Fitness and Weight-loss Fads

Losing weight and getting in shape requires a combination of a healthy balanced diet and an active lifestyle. This is contrary to many of the quick-fix suggestions that some claim will help you lose weight effortlessly. There isn’t a magic formula to achieving the desired results and here, we’ll be debunking popular quick-fix fitness and weight loss fads.

Turning up the heat when you exercise

Despite the contrary belief that the more you sweat, the quicker you’ll lose weight, desperately adding extra layers of clothing when exercising or trying to keep the workout space warmer aren’t an effective long-term solution to losing weight. Sweating alone doesn’t really help you burn a measurable amount of calories, and instead, it increases your body temperature and leads to losing water weight. The result is only a temporary loss, and as soon as you rehydrate by drinking water or eating, you’ll immediately regain any of that lost weight.

Vibrating belts and platforms 

Vibrating devices gain huge popularity from TV commercials in the early 2000s, promising to help you easily slim down with no effort at all. Research showed that when it comes to the belts, the contraptions that jiggle around your waistline had no proven slimming effect. As for the vibration platforms, simply standing still on the platform won’t do much for helping you reach your fitness goals unless you combine it with more conventical exercise like squats, lunges or calf raises.

Cutting out whole food groups 

Popular fad diets often involve cutting out whole food groups and essential nutrients that our bodies need. Diets that require no fat, no carbs or a super low-calorie intake aren’t always a healthy choice. You will be better off having plenty of balanced meals that give your body all the calories and nutrients it needs. Pack your meals with superfoods, that are low in calories, but rich in protein, antioxidants, fibre and water, ultimately helping you fuel your body and lose fat. Instead of just completely cutting certain foods from your diet, try to substitute them with tasty, low-calorie alternatives for a healthier meal plan.

Loads of cardio and minimal calorie intake

If you are looking to lose weight, while also wanting to get toned, concentrating just on cardio and minimum calorie intake may not be the best solution for you. Although cardio is great for helping you lose weight, other forms of exercise such as weightlifting, compound movements and circuit training can aid in burning fat, while also building muscle tone. But most importantly, when your body goes through an intense workout, you need to refuel it with nutrient-dense food, while also avoiding food with excess calories that may lead to gaining fat. If you are eating the right food at the right times, your body will use that food to burn fat even after your workout.

Lifting weights will cause women to bulk up

Many women avoid lifting heavy weights as they are afraid it will make them look bulky. The truth is that women don’t produce enough testosterone, which is responsible for muscle growth, and it’s the extra body fat that gives the illusion of muscles looking larger. Muscle tissue is in fact important for losing fat, and it helps to increase body strength and prevents aches and pains as you age. Weight lifting will help you burn more calories and tone your body.

A fitness programme that transforms your body and re-educates your mindset

At elite: Together, we don’t work towards short cuts, yo-yo dieting or easy quick fixes. We are all about getting you into healthy habits and taking care of your body inside and out. Our Transform programme will help you build a healthier lifestyle that is not only achievable but sustainable.

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